Ratios rapport "Varför gigga som matkurir? Förutsättningar och förväntningar bakom okvalificerat gig-arbete" innehåller mängder av citat från djupintervjuer med 34 matkurirer. 34 djupintervjuer säger naturligtvis inte mycket om hur det generellt sett är att jobba för Foodora, Wolt eller Uber Eats - men det ger en bild av hur kraftigt uppfattningarna kan skilja sig åt från person till person. Rapporten ger en betydligt mer mångfacetterad bild av giggandet än vad walraffande journalister gör.
Så här säger exempelvis Matkurir 13:
I wish I had a one-year contract. Or like most Swedes have, you know a tillsvidare anställning where you know…, it’s basically impossible to fire a person in this country, which I mean, let’s be honest, I think that’s pretty stupid because if you’re incompetent, it shouldn’t be this hard to fire someone. That’s the thing, that’s what makes this company [Foodora] so ironic. The reasons why a lot of these things are like they are right now is because you have this mix of gig-economy with Swedish labor law, where it’s impossible to get rid of this deadwood, these middle managers who really aren’t bringing anything to the company and whose goals aren’t even aligned with the goals of this company.
Matkurir 13 säger emellertid också så här:
If you have an accident, and it prevents you from working, they don’t cover for that lost income. You get paid for the hospital bill7 but you know, you can’t really work so you are not getting paid for the hours that you’re not working anymore. And because the schedule is published for one week at a time, when they calculate sick pay, it’s for the hours that you have been scheduled for. So if you’re gone for longer than one week then you’re not going to be paid for more than a week’s pay.

Fler citat kommer!