Vilka personegenskaper korrelerar med att vara positiv till multinationella storföretag, mer specikt att INTE instämma i att sådana företag skadar det lokala näringslivet? Frågan undersöks mha 2003 International Social Survey Program av Kaya & Walker (2012). Ur abstract:
It is found that better educated individuals, those employed in the private sector, and those who do not have nationalistic tendencies are more likely to consider that MNEs are not harming local firms, while the opposite holds for those who are employed in “less skilled" occupations, such as those working in plants or in elementary occupations. The article also provides evidence that individuals' attitudes are determined by more than the labor market calculations these individuals might have. In fact, the socializing influence of education and the socializing impact of the individuals' type/sector of occupation also significantly determine the individual attitudes under study.
Källa: Kaya, A. & Walker, J.T. (2012). The legitimacy of foreign investors: Individual attitudes toward the impact of multinational enterprises. Multinational Business Review, 20(3), 266-295.